How Much Is Gun Training In Maryland?

Few things are as important in life as proper firearm training. Learning how to point and shoot is only the tip of the iceberg—real, trusted gun training meets or exceeds Maryland’s minimum 16-hour training requirement, prepares you for the real world when carrying a firearm, establishes advanced-level techniques and concepts, and trains you for extraction and de-escalation.

Real firearm training is necessary, comprehensive, and dangerous.

Our advanced-level techniques set you up with quality training and maneuvers that we’ve developed and fine-tuned over a decade of handling firearms. The exclusivity and seriousness of the firearm handling you’ll learn at Fortress Training will put you above and beyond anyone else you see carrying a weapon, and they’ll prepare you for situations that other training courses cannot comprehend.

Are you ready for real firearm training that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of the state of Maryland? Do you want to learn real-life, useful techniques that prepare you for a variety of situations? 

What’s Included In Our Classes?

The Fortress Training Difference prepares you by establishing a real connection between you, your firearm, and your surroundings. The quality of training you receive from our instructors goes far beyond Maryland’s requirements, including significant off-range training and skills that take you out of the classroom.

There’s a reason that our firearm training is celebrated worldwide.

This is not just a business. This is not a game. Our courses have been crafted out of passion, and our desire to help you and give you all we can within our short time together will grant you advantages that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

What’s Included In The Fortress Training Program?

  • M4 Carry Quadrant: Our training will save you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention hundreds of hours of your time. Understanding the relationship to your firearm will make you more stable, able, and aware.
  • A8’s decision-making and cerebral distraction.
  • An understanding of the correlation between the firearm and the essential components of training.
  • We provide training that goes beyond holding a gun and knowing how to shoot it—we train you as a person and instill correct decision-making.
  • Awareness of common legal mistakes—know your rights and how to handle your firearm properly.
  • We prepare you for the physiological and psychological stress of a shooting situation and teach you how to respond correctly and master your bodily response.
  • We show you videos of an actual Baltimore armed robbery and conduct a response analysis.

What Makes Fortress Training Different?

All Fortress Training exclusive benefits occur across two days of training. All training and techniques come from 30 years of human development and training experience with more than 20,000 clients. 

The extras we’ve outlined do more than prepare you to handle your firearm competently. Fortress Training techniques are immersive and prepare you for real-life, real-space, reality-based situations and how to handle them. We believe in more than qualification—this is about preparing you to be the best.

Fortress Training believes that the most significant developments happen off-range. While skill confirmation and on-range advancement are important, our second day consists of off-range training—if you’re up for it.

We focus on critical firearm handling and gunfighting skills, including:

  • Holstering
  • Triggers
  • Magazine Changes

These skills are performed hundreds of times. We won’t be sitting in a dull classroom learning about the real thing. You will have a firearm all day and learn how to use it. Our “Crawl Draw” will one day save your life!

By focusing on skill mastery, you will learn skills that you can perform anywhere. Professional law enforcement and military training equipment will help you hone your skills alongside live decision-making opportunities.

You will learn firearm skills such as:

  • Using responsible force versus deadly force.
  • How to command on the streets.
  • Why high-thought counseling techniques don’t always work in stressful situations.

We didn’t just jump into the firearms training game. Our on-range and off-range training provides you with the necessary skills and techniques you need to focus, learn, and adapt. Our clients tell us this is the best firearms training they’ve had worldwide, and they can see it in our passion and desire. We will do everything and give you everything we can in our short time together—that is the Fortress Training advantage.

Gun Training In Maryland

What is the Cost of Gun Training In Maryland?

The average cost for firearm classes offered in Maryland is between $250 and $500, including a deposit. Additional fees apply for using firearms and ammo, as well as depending on the type of firearm and shooting. 

The cost for a Maryland Handgun Wear & Carry License class is $250 for the original 16-hour class, or $150 for an 8-hour renewal class. A Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) class costs $150, which includes handguns and ammo.

Fortress Training classes cost $500. Why? We offer intense, high-end training classes that exceed the typical Maryland firearm training minimum. We exceed these standards because we believe in Full Immersion Training—that is, firearm handling classes that teach you real skills and techniques that will help you in various high-octane situations.

Our Core Training Includes:

  • Maryland Wear and Carry Training
  • MDWC Renewals
  • Maryland HQL
  • Tactical and Advanced Pistol Instruction
  • Less than Lethal Certification
  • Other Non-Resident Carry Training

More Than Simple Firearm Training

Owner and founder John Finnessy has trained over 20,000 students on how to use a handgun properly. With a sole focus on tactical responsive shooting and getting you home, John has helped save lives. The training and techniques offered by Fortress Training aren’t just for civilians—we have helped law enforcement professionals and various federal agencies learn necessary, life-changing skills.

Regarding technique, proper form, and actual danger, it’s not about cost. Whether you’re new to firearms or you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, Fortress Training is here to provide you with the methods and concepts you will simply not find elsewhere. By focusing on yourself and your relationship to the firearm, we produce far greater results than any single firearm training class.

From beginner to tactical handgun, we offer training programs including:

  • Maryland Wear & Carry
  • Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
  • Pistol Pro
  • Advanced Pistol
  • ON-Range and OFF-Range

Handgun Training FAQs

How Much Are Your Maryland Wear And Carry Firearm Classes?

Fortress Training MDWC classes are $500 for 16 hours of training, but unlike classes found elsewhere, we provide you with a firearm, ammunition, eye & ear protection, and holsters included in the price. Plus our classes include all the extras and advanced techniques listed above.

How Do I Register For Class?

Class dates are available on our website. Click any date to register and it will take you through the registration process. The range day will correspond with the class you registered for.

Do I Need To Worry About Additional Costs?

The state of Maryland charges a $125 application fee, which you pay when your Wear & Carry application is submitted. Fingerprinting costs $70, but we save you $10 via the link emailed to you.

How Long Is The Fortress Training Class? Should I Worry About Finding A Slot?

Maryland requires 16 hours of firearm training, which we break into two packed 8-hour sessions. We provide you with one day of classroom training and one range day, where you will learn essential skills, techniques, and firearm methods. All upcoming classes are listed on our MDWC page. 

Why Is Fortress Training So Highly Regarded?

Our training far exceeds even the requirements of the Maryland State Police—we teach you how to professionally carry, including advanced techniques you cannot learn elsewhere. Fortress Training classes go well beyond the gun. We also have Special Events and Personal Training available.

Why Is Your Firearm Training Class So Much More Expensive?

As we’ve stated, the training and techniques instilled by Fortress Training will make you far more capable than your peers when it comes to handling your weapon and responding to real-life scenarios. Fortress Training techniques have been developed with over 30 years of experience, and our exclusive training benefits are high-intensity and second to none. 

Your experience with Fortress Training goes far beyond what you will find elsewhere. We are focused on helping you become proficient and efficient with a handgun, whether you’re advanced or a beginner. With 10,000 hours trained and a 99.6% pass rate, you will walk away better than you came in.

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