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Carry Tactics – a must if you carry a firearm!

Millions of citizens have permits to carry a firearm. Some get their CCW/CFP, Wear & Carry and quite honestly never learn the skills needed to professionally carry a firearm.

Every training institution is different, and the quality of the education or requirements also vary.

Let me share with you our philosophy….

GOAL: We desire to train professionals who desire to get home and not to the prison cell or the morgue!

Learn 4 Critical Concepts of Carry and 3 Skills to Master in a Gunfight

Did You Get your carry permit someplace other than Fortress Training?

​There is a Fortress Training Difference!

We are not interested in making you “tacticool”   Carrying a firearm is far more than pulling the gun.  We use multi platforms of training and modalities to help you become a more professional carrier of a firearm. 

We promise you this will be a class you will learn something and walk away with better tactics and skills.  After 15,000 students, we have developed techniques and methodologies that would not otherwise be in the market.  We are certain our Carry Tactics is different than other training classes. 

If you did not take your Wear and Carry from Fortress Training, experience the Next Level of Carry and get into our Carry Tactics.    

This is an off-range training, and we provide everything you need for the day. 

This three-four hour training is $195.00

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