Maryland Wear and Carry Renewal Class

Concealed Carry Training Maryland-1
Md Permit Renewal

Remain compliant with Fortress Training’s Wear and Carry Renewal classes

Each course offered meets (and exceeds) Maryland’s 8-hour renewal training requirement. Each is completed in 1-day and is offered in the following formats:

Virtual Online Training

Live Fire – Day on the Range

Full Immersion

Premier Renewal

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By far Fortress Training is superior to all other instructors in Maryland.

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Wear and Carry Renewal: Training Options

*** All in-person trainings are in the BWI area unless otherwise noted. ***

Four Different Types of Training


Virtual Online Training


LIVE FIRE – Day on the Range


Full Immersion Skills & Real Life


Premier Renewal


Virtual Renewal ($250)

This is what we call the “compliance” training because it does just that – keeps you Maryland compliant. You take the training virtually, from your home or office computer. After covering topics the state requires, we will meet at the range. You need 25 rounds for the test.

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Live Fire Range Day

LIVE FIRE – Day on the Range ($300)

Need to work on putting rounds down range? This option is for you. Come spend an entire day on the range, where we’ll shoot 250+ rounds.

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Full Immersion ($350)

With this option, we go beyond your basic refresher course, splitting the class into 2-parts. The first part of the class has some updates and general information. The second part of the day we go hands-on, focusing on carry skills, with live scenarios and drills including:

  • Decision Making
  • Shoot / No Shoot Scenarios
  • Stress Inoculation

You’ll perform hundreds of skill reps and go home with drills you can practice to keep your skills sharp once you leave.

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MDWC Renewal Premier Training Class

Premier Renewal ($450)

This all-inclusive training will put you through situations and scenarios that could never happen on a live range, thanks to our advanced technology and simulators.

We provide you with everything you’ll need including ammunition and a firearm. This renewal class is not for beginners, but instead for those wanting to walk away with advanced skills and a greater level of knowledge.

Due to the nature of this training, we limit each class to 8 people.

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Upcoming wear and carry Renewal classes

Frequently Asked Questions

The state requires 8 hours of training. Your training will be completed in one day.

Due to the nature of our classes, we do not give out the exact location until you register for the class. When you register, you will receive an email with the address of the training. The classes in the BWI area are about 5 minutes from BWI airport.

All our upcoming classes are listed on the MDWC renewal page. We have a couple of different training options for the renewal class. There is a virtual option that requires you to go to the range just to shoot the course of fire. We also offer a full range day. Here you will shoot between 200-300 rounds. The cost of the class depends on the training option you choose. To view and register for a class go to:

Click on the class date you want to register for, and it will take you through the registration process.

Unfortunately, if your permit expires by one day, you must take the full 16 hours of training again.

Your application can be submitted up to 120 days prior to your expiration. Your training can be taken up to 2 years before your permit expires.

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