Executive Training

The most immersive handgun training in Maryland

We have trained over 20,000 Maryland citizens on using a firearm for personal protection. Whether for home protection or to carry a gun in public, we have one simple goal: To get you home and not to the prison cell or morgue.

Our Executive Training Division is designed for the discerning client who desires a more intimate setting with less people in the training. We have created training in this section that will keep total class sizes from 8-16 people. Giving you more time on the gun, more detail in training this creates an environment where you get the most out of your training.

John Finnessy focuses solely on personal protection with a handgun. He is the creator of the M4 Carry Quadrant, and on-range skill stacking. You will not find another instructor at this level.

This section is NOT for someone who is brand new to firearms. If you have no experience, please begin with one of our public trainings, or arrange a private training with similarly skilled individuals and we will customize a training for you.

For our most discriminating clients, ask if a training buy-out option is available.

The executive training takes our regular courses, and we redesign and customize them around the students who are in the training. No two classes will be exactly alike! We will focus far more than just shooting a gun. We focus on you as an individual and both train and challenge you to become more proficient and efficient with the tool you have chosen a firearm.

Platinum Training

Do you prefer a more intimate type of setting? Class and Range is Limited to 16 people. Let’s face it training classes are going to be pack for quiet some time.  Some clients prefer a small class where there are not as many people, and you get more personal training.

Day 2 is our infamous full immersion hands-on training.  You have a firearm on you all day.  Whether on-range or off-range training, you will learn at a level few will receive in this state.  This is the training that put Fortress Training on the map!

Training is $695.00

Next Level Carry

You will experience a world you have never entered.  We combine off-range tactical training and LIVE range confirmation of skill and advancement.

Our training takes you far beyond thinking you are just going to “pull the gun”. 

You will learn critical skills involving the
Mind * Mouth * Mechanics * Muzzle

Professional Premier

We offer this training and limited the number of students.  The price for the training will reflect the number of people in the class.  Our trainings range from 4 -12 people in each class. 

This is the most intense wear and carry training in the state.  We combine virtual, class, off-range and live range training.  The level of skill and the understanding of the professional carry concept will be ingrained in you over 2 1/2 days of training. You must have an understanding of firearm safety, the operation of your firearm, the ability to change magazines and a willingness to learn.  If you are removed from the range, no refund will be issued.  Concierge Service
This limited exclusive training is designed for someone who desires a concierge experience.  We will handle all of your paperwork, consult with you during the processes and be involved with you until you obtain your carry permit from the state of Maryland.  This is included in the Professional Premier training. 

Training Includes: ALL INCLUSIVE! 4 hour Zoom Class 
​16 Hours Range Training
     Off- Range: (BWI) Class integration, Carry Skill Mastery, Shoot / No Shooting, Stress Inoculation, Situational Awareness, Decision Making Skills, LIVE encounters, Video Simulation and more! 
     On-Range: (Cambridge) Putting it all together through our exclusive skill stacking techniques…. we use paper, composites, and steel for 250-300 rounds of gun fighting training.LIVESCAN Fingerprinting 
Non-Resident Carry Permit certification included.
MPD – DC concealed included.
Maryland State Police Licensing Fees
Signature Series Administration of your application
SIRT Training Pistol you will take home with you…. $265.00 value. 
Lunch day 1 
Breakfast day 2  ​Training Cost is $2,000.00* – 12 people max. 
* This all-inclusive white glove training, certification, concierge signature application assistance, MSP licensing fees and fingerprinting.  Also included will be your choice of various non-resident CCW permits. Additionally, if you need a firearm, we will gladly provide one for you.  Day 1 range day, lunch will be provided and Day 2, breakfast will be provided for you. As a special thank you, you will take home the SIRT pistol you will be using in class.
Your Experience
Thursday – Virtual Training from HomeFriday – Off Range firearm training and classSaturday – Live Range Training*                (Up to 300 rounds)
             *includes paper, steel and composite targetsHotel Information
If you desire accommodations for the training.  

Doubletree by Hilton (410) 859-8400
Hilton BWI (410) 694-0808
Hyatt Chesapeake (410) 901-1234
Holiday Inn Cambridge (410) 221-9900Training Schedule
Happy Shooters

Student testimonials

So much I want to say, but the words are hard to express. Susan was awesome answering questions and helping me along at various points. I had a SNAFU come up and Susan just took care of it, didn't charge me anything more and did not make a big deal about it. Just got me to where I needed to be. John could, quite honestly, be the greatest firearms instructor I have experienced: real life situations, fantastic teacher, and taught lessons and techniques (and made sure we were competent) with real equipment that, quite literally, saves lives. About two hours into the class, it hit me: I had been doing so many things wrong for so many years and, being an engineer, John was there to explain not just the how, but the why of everything. The whole company is exemplary. Major-major light bulbs throughout the class. I had low expectations and yeah, two hours in, I was like, "well, well, we gonna learn today." God bless John and Susan. Beautiful educators and people.
Jeremy Wetmore
Jeremy Wetmore
Excellent HQL training. I have little to no experience with guns, and was concerned that my lack of knowledge would be a hinderance. However, this was not at all the case. I felt totally comfortable in class, and learned a ton. It did not feel like a formality or "box checking" type of class. John clearly takes real pride in this material, and presents information in a way that will allow anyone to understand and retain the information. My main goal was to learn simple best practices regarding safe handling of a firearm, etc., and the class exceeded my expectations significantly. I would recommend Fortress Training to anyone, and will definitely be a return client.
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
Great HQL class very informative and staff is absolutely wonderful
Christopher Watson
Christopher Watson
I had taken 4 other wear and carry courses in two different states over the years. This was by far the best....by far. If you are going to carry a gun and live in the state of Maryland this is where you want to get trained.
Steve Chilcote
Steve Chilcote
attended the basic HQL class. Very well taught. Pacing well thought out, the instructor, Dean, was helpful knowledgeable, and a lefty -- which helped as sometimes right handed persons aren't able to explain to leftys. Highly recommend.
David Aughenbaugh
David Aughenbaugh
Maryland Wear & Carry: First Class operation, period. Exceeded all expectations. As a longtime firearm enthusiast, hunter and all around proponent of the Second Amendment, John and his entire staff are THE kind of organization that should be teaching the Wear & Carry permit, especially here in the State of Maryland. They aren't 'checking boxes' so you meet the requirement, they instill the necessary tools so you "EXCEED" the requirement. Providing the knowledge to prepare the mind & body for the responsibility of safely carrying a firearm, before, during and God forbid, after. Bottomline, if you want to take a class, you have a choice from many organizations, but if you want Next Level Training, Fortress is the Best in Class. I for one will make it a point to use them as long as I am in the area. David Aughenbaugh
Cameron Rees
Cameron Rees
As a fact, these people save lives and make people more law abiding through their training. Thank you for helping me avoid the morgue and prison.
Rachel Fazenbaker
Rachel Fazenbaker
My husband and I both attended the “Wear and Carry” class in order to obtain our wear and carry permit. To be completely honest before I attended the class I felt as though the class was overpriced after hearing how much other people paid through other companies, BUT I feel as though there is no price on the information I received and I do not feel in anyway was I ripped off nor charged too much . Not only did I learn about gun safety, I also received education on possible situations as well consequences. The class was so good and exceeded our expectations completely. John, Susan and their team of instructors were outstanding and I definitely plan on attending more classes in October. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants a wear and carry and wants to be properly educated on safety. Thank you so much for the amount of education and training you guys have done to pass it along to us. Sincerely - Rachel & Dave Fazenbaker
Mike E.
Mike E.
Above and beyond for the Maryland Wear and Carry doesn't even do the class justice. Real life scenario thinking and training that is top notch and would be extra in other training schools. I will not look elsewhere for future training!!

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